Theme Month! December 2021: Trains in Silent Film

While the silent era saw the mass adoption of the automobile and the first powered flight, trains were the most popular means of long distance land travel. Plus, they photographed well and looked dramatic and they could be wrecked for the screen in various dramatic ways.

There are so many silent movies about trains but I have chosen a small selection to review this month. And I know the topic will be popular because my readers voted for it as my theme.

Here are a few train-based films I have already covered:

The Great Train Robbery (1903), the most famous silent train title of them all.

The Ghost Train (1927), a delightfully pulpy Mexican action film.

The Railway of Death (1912), a bloody French western with very real train stunts.

Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life (1913), an iconic Keystone comedy.

Exit Smiling (1926), much of the action in this comedy takes place in an acting troupe’s train car.

Leaving Jerusalem by Railway (1896), an entry in the classic mount-a-camera-on-the-train genre.

I hope you’ll enjoy my new selections for the month!


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