I Want Your Vote… Choose My Theme Month

Last week, I asked my readers to suggest potential theme months and I received many, many excellent ideas. I have trimmed down the list to themes that I feel would work with the silent movies I can access and have created a list of top contenders.

There were some excellent suggestions that are not included here because I didn’t have the movies to fill out the month or, in the case of serials, the time commitment was just too big. But please know what I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas and I will be taking them into consideration when I select future films to review. (Adding an individual serial to a theme month instead of an entire month of them, for example.)

Here are the semifinalists. Look them over and vote for your favorite. The top three vote-getters will continue to the final.

  • Trains (The major form of transportation, tons of films from throughout the era)
  • Football (Fair warning, I probably won’t be covering The Freshman or College here)
  • Gone Fishing (Ocean fishing, river fishing, pond fishing, widow’s walks, etc.)
  • Part-talkies and Soundies (and possibly early sound experiments too!)
  • Italian Films (Divas, Roman epics, etc.)
  • British Films (Earliest pioneers to later hidden gems)
  • Australian Films (I promise never to use the phrase “down under”)
  • Sudden Wealth (Inherited or found cash and what comes of it)
  • Silents Post-1929 (Silent films from the 30s and beyond)

I have created a poll on my Patreon page. Please vote for your very favorite. (This poll is open to non-subscribers!)

The built-in WordPress poll widget now limits the total votes I can log and I went over my limit ages ago. Please let me know if you have any issues with the Patreon poll because I have other alternative methods as backup. Thanks!

Update: Reports of some issues with Patreon, so here is the Survey Monkey poll. Thank you for your patience, it’s new for me too!


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