Theme Month! January 2021: Reader Requests

It’s time for my annual month of reader requests. Every year, I ask my readers to submit suggestions for films to review, I then pick four or five of them and we’re off to the races.

This is obviously mutually beneficial as I am alerted to movies I may not have reviewed and readers get to consume writing on topics that they enjoy. Everybody wins.

The films have been chosen and requests are closed for this year but don’t worry, this is a regular event and I usually post another call for recommendations in the summer. And if you have something specific you would like to request, I always like to hear about new-to-me titles.

Since this is the first day of 2021 as well, I wanted to also mention that this year, I am going to make a special effort to seek out movies featuring forgotten stars. I am also going to continue my 2020 goals of reviewing more early films (1895-1905) and making sure to venture out of the Hollywood/Weimar/Soviet bubble in search of unique cinema from around the world.

Thank you so much for your excellent recommendations. I will enjoy reviewing them.


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  1. Daniel Duclos

    At the beginning of the 2000th Louvre museum in Paris used to show silent movies in concert. Among classics, it was the opportunity to discover unkown (from me) silent works from unexpected countries. Among them an excellent tcheque movie called Batalion (in french) 1927 by Premysl Prazky. I don’t know if it is possible to see this movie somewhere but i recommend it strongly.
    Another was The sentimental Bloke, an 1919 australian movie by Raymond Longford. Very interesting also.
    I am sure that very good stuff exist out of Usa/German/East europe area. I heard about great silent japanese movies too.
    Best wishes for this new year !

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