Theme Month! October 2020: 100 Years Ago…

It’s time for the annual retrospective of 100-year-old movies! This year, of course, is 1920’s turn in the spotlight and it was quite a banner year.

This proves to be a bit of a problem because I have actually already reviewed most of the big name pictures of that year. Never fear, though, I have plenty of fascinating stuff up my sleeve and some more obscure pictures that turned out to be pleasant surprises.

To whet your appetite, here are some of the 1920 movies I have already reviewed.

Below the Surface: A nautical melodrama starring Hobart Bosworth and featuring some eerily beautiful footage of floating corpses, if that’s your thing.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari: That creepy, strange, wonderful Expressionist masterpiece.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: John Barrymore takes a walk on the wild side.

Headin’ Home: Babe Ruth stars as Babe Ruth.

Kismet: Before it was a musical, it was a play and several silent films.

The Love Flower: Carol Dempster is, as an actress, an excellent high diver.

The Mark of Zorro: Douglas Fairbanks went all-in on his first 100% costume swashbuckler.

Nomads of the North: Lon Chaney… AS THE ROMANTIC LEAD?????

The Penalty: Lon Chaney as a mad crime lord with no legs. Now, that’s more like it.

The Toll Gate: William S. Hart is dark and homicidal even by William S. Hart standards.

Way Down East: The old ice floes and abandoned by a cad story.

Why Change Your Wife? Cecil B. DeMille’s sassy, saucy bedroom farce is a riot.

Within Our Gates: Oscar Micheaux’s examination of American racism is a powerful punch in the gut and not to be missed.


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