Six More Silent Movies for a Dark and Stormy Night

It’s been a while since I published my list of Six Silent Movies for a Dark and Stormy Night, so I thought I would post a few more recommendations for spooky, dark fare.

Since I haven’t posted a list in a while, here’s how it works: I limit my lists to films I have already reviewed and I deliberately try to stay off the beaten path. (In other words, don’t yell at me for not including Nosferatu.) This isn’t a list of the greatest spooky silent movies ever, or anything like that. It’s just a collection of silent films that I think people who like creepy entertainment will enjoy.

Blue Beard (1901)

Georges Méliès is most famous for his colorful, magical films but his version of Blue Beard goes to some very dark places, murdered wives and all. It’s creepy, it’s playful, it’s a real must-see.

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The Red Spectre (1907)

Another magical picture, this one from Segundo de Chomon. You get all the early cinematic special effects you could want all wrapped in a bizarre and playful package. Delightful.

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Behind the Door (1919)

The films so far have been a playful kind of creepy. Behind the Door is most assuredly is not. Life hack: never, ever make an enemy of a taxidermist.

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The Headless Horseman (1922)

Not everything about this adaptation works but it helped pave the way for other cinematic adaptations of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and there are skeletons and headless riders, so what more do you want?

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Warning Shadows (1923)

Jealousy, rage, murder and shadow puppets. This isn’t really horror but it’s definitely stylish, macabre and violent. A husband gets jealous, the lovers get stabby and who knows what’s going on with the servants?

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The Hands of Orlac (1924)

Conrad Veidt experiences a body horror nightmare when he receives a hand transplant from a killer. Can the hands take over the mind? We’re sure going to have a creepy time finding out!

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  1. moviecriticqueen

    I haven’t seen many silent films (nevertheless I like to read about them), but I have seen Bluebeard! I had to watch it for a fairytale course, and I was very surprised by all of the elements in there.

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