Silent Movie Giveaway! Win a Copy of Peter Pan on DVD or Bluray

The only thing better than a silent movie is a free silent movie and Kino Lorber is sponsoring a little giveaway right here! You can enter to win a copy of their new edition of Peter Pan (1924).

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment answering the question “Do you believe in fairies?” (Disclaimer: Belief or disbelief of fairies does not affect outcome of the event and fairy believers and fairy agnostics have an equal chance of winning.)
  2. I will select a random winner from the comments on July 4, 2019 and email them to let them know they have won.
  3. Reply with a US mailing address and whether you prefer DVD or Bluray.
  4. Enjoy your movie!

This giveaway does require a US mailing address. The value of the prize is $29.95 for the Bluray and $19.95 for the DVD. If the winner does not reply with their US mailing address within five business days, a random runner-up will be selected. The prize will be shipped directly from Kino. Your contact information will be used solely for contest-related correspondence.

Peter Pan is one of the big crowdpleasers for silent film audiences and this version is a new 2K restoration with an orchestra score by Philip Carli. It stars Betty Bronson, Mary Brian, Anna May Wong and Ernest Torrence.

Thanks so much for entering and Qapla’!


  1. Holly Heveron-Smith

    When I was a child, I used to build fairy houses out of sticks and moss and leaves I’d find around the yard. I lived in the country and the woods were so big it seemed like fairies could certainly be hiding / living in them 😊🧚🏻‍♀️💕

  2. Matthew Thomas Floyd

    Yes, I do believe in fairies as several have successfully convinced me not to smoke any cigarettes. They also had some naughty mischief when I was in my high school’s production of Peter Pan. Those little rascals would often mess up our wire systems and text cheeky little messages on their mini-phones during our performances! Once, an annoyed freshman tried to kill a fairy by disbelieving their existence. The fairy police came and took him away for blasphemy.

  3. Luke Bailey

    Of course I believe in fairies! I’m sure they must have a helping hand in us rediscovering some of those pesky lost films 😉

  4. Kevin John Charbeneau

    Fairies are very much alive and real, not just on paper, or film, but every day. If you don’t believe, it’s sad. But fairies are everywhere.


    I nelieved in faries as a child, and their magic seems to have stayed with me, making life a hapoier, more satisfying place. When we stop believing, the wprld is a much less welcoming place. Its nice to know the faries and little people are watchingover us, and keeping the “wind at our back”..

  6. Samuel Lockhart

    If it will keep Tinker Bell from dying, sure I’ll believe in fairies. I’ll believe in anything that saves a life.l

  7. Steven K. Hill

    Yes, I do believe in fairies; her name is Sophia and she’s my 8 year old daughter. I took her to a screening of the 1924 PETER PAN at the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax a few years ago (her first silent film) and she loved it!

  8. Jeffrey Nelson

    I don’t believe in fairies currently but I have an open mind and will adapt my viewpoint accordingly if presented with hard evidence that they exist.

  9. Edward Newton Matisik

    Fairies jatlhQo’bogh ‘ej mIgh. mon jIH legh chaH. ‘Igh, chaH. vaqwI’, chaHvaD HaSta chu’ HIja’, ghob’e’ Har jIH bIH.

    1. Gary Brown

      I once believed in the tooth fairy. With a little suspension of disbelief I can still believe in anything.

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