Podcasting FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered!

I was thrilled with the response to my new podcast, which launched yesterday. A few questions came up multiple times so I thought it might be helpful to answer them all at once in a post. But thanks so much for all your support!

Will you be on iTunes?

I am working on it! I have submitted my podcast feed for approval, which takes anywhere from a few days to a week. I will let you know once it is available in that format.

How often will you be recording these?

I am aiming for a monthly schedule and will be recording my next interview in a few days.

What about captions or a transcript for deaf and hard of hearing silent film fans?

Accessibility is important. I am working on that as well and hope to have it finished soon. I will let you know about that as well.

I’d like to help with silent movie name pronunciation. How do I do that?

One of the features I am proud of is a small segment on the pronunciation of silent era names. These are names that we may hesitate to say out loud because we are afraid of mispronouncing them. I had British, German and Russian names for the first podcast and would love to add other languages next time.

Please get in touch with me in the comments or on Twitter and let me know which language, accent or dialect you’d like to contribute. After that, record your pronunciation and I will let you know where to send it. It can just be a recording on your phone or computer microphone, that’s fine.

If you’ve already contacted me, I am working on names for you (if you’re still game!) and should have them over to you soon.


If you have any other questions about the podcast, this is the place to ask them! Again, thank you for all your support. It is truly appreciated.