Who is your silent movie crush?

A while back, I asked readers to share their silent movie crushes and a good time was had by all so I am back for a second helping!

This isn’t about objective-ish things like physical beauty or acting ability, this is about which stars make your heart go pit-a-pat for whatever reason. (Or no reason at all.) Obviously, there are no wrong answers so please share your crushes and have fun!

I will start:

Normal Crush: Ivan Mosjoukine is pretty rawr.

And Sessue Hayakawa was an utterly devastating looker.

Sinister Crush: Conrad Veidt is so beautiful when he’s homicidal.

Weird Crush: Boris Karloff in The Black Cat. I know.

(Also, I seem to have an incredibly specific type.)

Okay, your turn! I look forward to your answers. Spill!


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  1. Luke Bailey

    William Haines had my heart from the first film of his I saw — West Point, I think!

    Despite (or maybe because of!) the cocky, rather abrasive personality he has in many of his films, I couldn’t help but be charmed 😍

      1. Paul Davenport

        Never in a million years did I dream that the old guy in My Little Margie was one of the most handsome men to appear in the movies!!

  2. Shari Polikoff

    Two of the first silent film stars I ever saw are still my favorite ‘crushes’ – Charles Farrell and Richard Barthelmess. Dozens of films later, I haven’t found anyone to surpass them, although I do love Buster Keaton’s soulful face, too.

  3. Elizabeth Gatz

    It’s always so fun to learn about other people’s crushes when it comes to old films. The variety!
    As of January 2019, my silent crushes are Buster Keaton, Buddy Rogers, Charles Farrell, and Ramon Novarro. Also Richard Arlen and Rudolph Valentino. But a new year means more silents, so this list might change in the future

    Keep up the good work, Fritzi!

  4. Steve Phillips

    Based on appearance alone, Louise Brooks is awe-inspiring to me. There’s something about her face that I don’t think I’ve seen in anyone else, living or dead, on film or not.

    I’ve only seen Betty Amann in one film, but she had my full attention in “Asphalt”

    It seems to me that dark eyes were at a big advantage in the silent era, especially before panchromatic film.

    1. Lonny J

      I love Louise Brooks also and I found after seeing her that she was free spirited and highly intelligent. Clara Bow and Mary Pickford of course, but I am drawn to the expressive Maria Falconetti as well.

  5. A la rencontre du Septième Art

    When I started watching silent movies again (and to learn to love them as much as they deserve), I watched Buster Keaton and D.W. Griffith movies. Women of the silent era really had something special in my opinion. But I have to admit that Lillian Gish can convey emotions like nobody else. She broke my heart in Broken Blossoms, but, well, she may have won it too !

  6. Scott Lueck

    Since my first silent film experiences were watching Harold Lloyd movies, it’s not too surprising that I have a huge crush on both Bebe Daniels and Jobyna Ralston.

  7. Mitch

    I’ve had a lot of crushes, Louise Brooks, Clara Bow. Yes, forgot about Edna Purviance. But they’ve been crushes as much on the character they’re playing as on the actor. Recently, I’ve developed a crush on Doris Kenyon of the 1910s. I saw her in The Ocean Waif and A Girl’s Folly and loved her innocent-but-feisty personality as well as her looks. I used to be almost exclusively a fan of the 1920s movies but find that I’m drawn more and more to the movies of the 1910s.

  8. Alexsandro Lopes Vieira

    My usual movie crushes: Lillian Gish, Janet Gaynor, Clara Bow, Pola Negri, Mary Pickford.

    More unusual ones: Betty Amann, Lya de Putti in Variety, Barbara Kent, Ossi Oswalda and man, is Marie Glory STUNNING in the french movie L’Argent.

  9. Keith S.

    Olga Baclanova, Alice Terry and Norma Shearer.
    Always a soft spot for Conrad Veidt and Ramon Novarro in Ben Hur– he never really reached such heights again, for me.

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Yes, I can’t remember where I read it but MGM was so nervous about Novarro being taken down in an inevitable Latin Lover backlash that they were very conservative with his roles throughout the 1920s. I always like him when I see him but his work with Ingram and on Ben-Hur definitely has a more interesting quality to it.

  10. Paul Davenport

    Barbara Kent, Dorothy Janis, Clara Bow, Dolores Costello, Lupe Velez, Florence
    La Badie, Bessie Love, Olive Thomas

  11. Rosemary

    Buster Keaton! Always my first silent love, beautiful face, amazing spirit. Richard Barthelmess was gorgeous, and I also want to put in a word for silent John Barrymore. Even without his beautiful voice, I love his silent performances, I always feel that I can tell what he is thinking.

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