Expanded Distribution for Kidnapped: A Complete 1917 Night at the Movies

I’m on vacation but I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that my DVD release of Kidnapped (1917) and its accompanying short films now has expanded distribution.

You’ll be able to grab copies of the film at Movies Unlimited, Deep Discount DVD, ShopTCM and Critic’s Choice, among others, instead of having to order through Amazon exclusively. Most of these retailers are also offering a discount, so if you wanted to treat yourself or get a gift for a film nerd, the DVD is more affordable than ever.

Please note that while I am the producer of this DVD, I don’t handle any of the matters related to shopping and if you have any questions about shipping or international delivery, you must direct them to your retailer of choice. If you have any questions about the film itself, I am right here.

This is a complete, authentic 1917 night at the movies with the feature film adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel (read my review here) and four short films that include a comedy, a fairy tale and two short documentaries. I think it’s a lot of fun and a rare opportunity to experience cinema with all the pieces intact. Ben Model has done a fab job scoring the pictures and Christopher Bird edited the films and added period-appropriate tints. The project was successfully crowdfunded within 24 hours last year with over 300 backers. I’m proud of this release and am happy to see it is more widely available than ever.


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