Kitten Break

Hi there! As of this time yesterday, I had absolutely no thoughts of getting a kitten but here I am.

My brother rescued two litters of feral kittens with a total of eight little cuties. There were three grey and grey-and-whites, four calicos and one black kitten, the runt. He was able to set up foster home arrangements for the greys with the local rescue but was told that black kittens are too hard to place.

Well, long story short, I named the kitten Ronaldo because he likes to play soccer. He has that cute bantam rooster personality that many runts display. He’s getting along fine with the feline contingent but we are going to be slow about introducing the dogs because we don’t know how familiar he is with them. (My dogs are cat-friendly but we don’t want to scare the little tyke.) We believe he is about ten weeks old but it is obviously hard to tell because he’s so small compared to the other kittens. He was feral when my brother gave him to me so I had to get him a checkup then look for the best cat shampoo to clean him up a bit.

I’ll share more pictures later but he’s a little nervous right now (big changes) so I don’t want to disturb him too much.



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  1. Ellen

    Adorable! And isn’t it shocking that people are reluctant to adopt black cats, even now? Thank heavens for good people like you!

  2. Susan M

    Good for you! Feral kittens are easily tamed when they are this age. And black cats are the hardest to place in adoptive homes because of silly superstition. But they make the best love bugs! Thank you for sharing your life with this cutie!

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Yes and this fellow has a naturally friendly personality that meant putting him back outside would have been dangerous. My brother has had him for about three weeks and he’s a little cuddle bug once he calms down.

  3. Shari Polikoff

    It was a lucky day for me when a black kitten (well, dark grey actually) decided to adopt me. (Two tabbies came along later.) Best wishes to you and your little menagerie.

  4. thoughtsallsorts

    Gosh…I hadn’t planned on a kitten three weeks back when someone found a little one that had been seen without a mother for about a week. His eyes were all gooey and stuck shut so he was walking into things and a pile of skin and bones. He‘s now a happy healthy cuddly boy in our home. Was estimated at 6 weeks old but since he’s been fed and looked after he’s gone to about 9 weeks old.

  5. Mim (@crinolinerobot)

    I’m always so surprised people don’t want black cats, they’re such pretty little things. And they’re lucky! Still, their loss is your gain. My ex-ferals were very nervous at first, but are much better nowadays, though they still don’t like strange people.

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