Shelfie: John Gilbert, Baby Peggy, Risky Business and Kismet

I’m back with another peek into my silent movie collection, a grab bag of mainstream American releases this time. If you want to catch up on other “shelfie” posts, you can find them here.

I’m based in California, so while these films might be region-free, they are quite possibly region 1 or region A. Readers living outside the region will need to check their equipment before purchasing.

The Elephant in the Room

Milestone’s 2013 Baby Peggy collection includes the charming Captain January (read my review here) and three shorts in addition to the title documentary.

Learn more and order here.

Old San Francisco (1927)

Warner Archive’s 2009 release of this late era silent with its original Vitaphone score.

Learn more and purchase here.

Risky Business (1926)

No relation to the Tom Cruise film of the same title but this film does feature Vera Reynolds and Zasu Pitts, so it is certainly worth our time. I have the 2014 Alpha version but will likely upgrade to the new Grapevine Bluray.

Learn more and order here.

Collegiate Comedies

Exactly what it says on the tin: a collection of comedies set on the college campus. Titles include Matchmaking Mama (1929), Campus Vamp (1928) and Relay (1927). (You can read my review of Campus Vamp here.)

Learn more and order here.

The Big Parade (1925)

One of the biggest hits of the respective careers of King Vidor and John Gilbert as well as Renee Adoree’s career breakout, this DVD and Bluray release was one of the most anticipated of 2013.

Learn more and order here.

Kismet (1920)

Yep, before it was a musical, it was a silent film. I have the 2009 Grapevine release of this rather fun slice of movie history.

Read my review here.

Learn more and order here.

Trouble in Paradise

But isn’t this a talkie? It is but the main extra is an early Lubitsch feature, The Merry Jail. (The lone foreign film in this post!) Now that’s my kind of bonus content!

Read my review here.

Learn more and order here.

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1919)

A rare chance to see Marguerite Clark in action, what could be better? (Are you also obsessed with the forgotten stars? You know, the HUGE names nobody knows, not even other film buffs.)

Learn more and order here.


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  1. Gene Smiley

    MGM screwed up The Big Parade Blu-ray by duplicating frames – it was unnecessary and ruined the film completely, giving it a herky-jerky start/stop feel. Compare it to the Blu-ray of Wings – Paramount got it right.

  2. John Brooks

    I own the Big Parade and love it. Its one of my favorite silents and well I’m also a sucker for WW1 films of which there isn’t many good ones. I’ve always wanted to get Old San Francisco. Finally Trouble is Paradise is one of the funniest pre-Code films.

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