I’m Bronc Buster Fitzgibbon! Make Your Own Silent Movie Western Name

I recently watched a William S. Hart movie in which his character is named Robert Evans, which is a huge departure from his usual movie monikers. He’s usually called Wolf or Blue Blazes or Buckskin or something. In light of that, I thought I would dust off the William S. Hart name generator.

(By the way, the movie is The Whistle, a shockingly pro-labor drama from the notoriously anti-labor Hart.)

You know I love me some Bill Hart western shenanigans with his tough-talkin’, pistol-packin’ ways. I think we should all be allowed to play the old west game.

This is easy. Pick yourself a right pretty nickname from the left and then a proper surname from the right. Share and enjoy!


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  1. James Knuttel

    “Sawbuck O’Sullivan” has a nice ring to it. Or how about “Petticoat Peacock”?

    Of course I do like an old Bugs Bunny cartoon (can’t remember which one it was) where Bugs runs into a movie theatre advertising a western starring “Hopalong Shapiro”.

  2. Nick

    I always like the nutty names in westerns, especially Max Brand books (“Boots Askew” comes to mind).

    Anyway, call me Careless McDuff, Pardner.

    I don’t think that name makes me the protagonist, though–probably a bumbling sheriff.

  3. Marie Roget

    Having on occasion been described by (primarily) male colleagues as verbose (who, me?), I’ve generated the moniker Three Word Whipple. All are welcome to guess which three words 😉

  4. James Knuttel

    Jingle Bobs Jepson … of course, that sounds more like the name of a character played by Andy Devine.

  5. Stuart McKinney

    The picture of a pistol packin’ mama appears to be that of Mary Pickford. According to a Pinterest posting she is dressed for “The Little Princess,” but maybe they really meant “The Little American?” The guy holding his ears is supposed to be Jack Pickford? And how did little Mary (and she WAS little compared to Hart) get his guns away from him?

    1. Stuart McKinney

      Nope, my mistake, she WAS in a 1917 movie “The Little Princess,” (which also included Zasu Pitts).

    2. James Knuttel

      Indeed. I believe Hart was around 6’2″ while Mary was a petite 5’0″ (although I think she might have been even smaller).

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