Gadzooks! Work is creeping up on me!

Hello, dears, this is just a little public service announcement to let you know that things are heating up at my work and with my project to release a silent film on DVD.

I still am able to keep up my daily post schedule but if I am a little tardy in responding to comments or emails, please forgive me. Most of the busy work should clear up in a few weeks and then it will be back to normal.

As some of you may know, I am writing the booklet for my release of Kidnapped (1917) on DVD, which is lots of fun but does require research as there is very little published information on the film or the last days of the Edison studio. (I’m also laying out the booklet because I absolutely love that sort of thing. Yep, I am one of THOSE people.)

Oh, and since many of you asked, I’m here to confirm that I will definitely be making the DVD available for sale through Amazon, so if you missed my campaign or were unable to donate, you will have an opportunity to grab the disc at a later date. I’ll share details and links once the item is up for sale.

That’s about it! If I seem distracted, it’s because I am but don’t worry, I have great content at the ready for the new year and I can’t wait to share it with you.


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