Quiz: What do you know about the movies of 1917?

Last month, I reviewed a stack of films released in 1917 and I thought it would be fun to celebrate a century of cinema with a quiz! (Yes, I was the kid who reminded the teacher that he or she forgot to assign homework.)

This quiz is going to be short, light and fun and will be skewed toward mainstream American fare. I hope you have some fun!

If you want to cram before the quiz, here is my article on the top stars of 1917 and here are 1917 films I have already reviewed.

The quiz has radio buttons, which may change your answer when you scroll, so be careful. It’s going to be a popup and if it doesn’t display for you, here is a direct link to the quiz on its Polldaddy page.

Take the Quiz!

Well, that’s it! No hitting. No spitting. Class dismissed.


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  1. Steven E R

    Well only 50% – is that a failing grade? Guess I need to go watch some more silents to cram ….. or maybe read some more 1910s film magazines….

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