Theme Month! April 2017: Reader Requests

It’s time for Movies Silently’s annual reader request month! Last August, I asked my readers to list films they would like me to review and now I am fulfilling some of those requests.

I’ve already kicked off the event with a review of Lady of the Pavements requested by Emma L and will continue to fulfill more requests throughout the month.

Needless to say, this is a fun event for me because it sends me off the beaten path and allows me to review films that I would not have necessarily covered if left to my own devices. I aim to cover a variety of famous and obscure pictures in assorted genres.

Here are the films for the month!

Lady of the Pavements (requested by Emma L)

South (requested by Marie Roget)

Seven Years Bad Luck (requested by M.W.)

The Unholy Three (requested by Michael G)

“I want to request a film!”

I generally publish the call for suggestions in late summer or early autumn. Looking forward to it. (The long lead time is in case I have to obtain films from foreign sources.)

I hope you enjoy what I have in store!


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  1. Loch Ness Monster

    I would absolutely love it if you did the movie Nanook of the North, because it is one of my favorite silent films.

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