Test Your Silent Movie Knowledge! What we learned in 2016

Let’s end the year with a bang! And by a bang, I mean a quiz because I am a nerd. I made a goofy little 10 question quiz based on the various films reviewed throughout the year. I hope you enjoy it!

(The quiz should display below but if you are not seeing it, here is a direct link.)

The quiz uses radio buttons and scrolling too quickly may cause your answer to change so be careful!

I think that’s everything. Qapla’!


  1. Marie Roget

    Nuts! It jumped on one of my answers or I would have had 90%! I KNEW that Gaumont answer, darn it all! Should have heeded your warning more closely…

    What an enjoyable poll, though- such a fun little trip down Movies Silently memory lane πŸ™‚

  2. Steven Rowe

    Count me as an 80%er who wondered if they might have scored zero. One of the two I missed, I should have known (I’ve watched the existing Houdini films, but still missed), one I got right I recall from Johnny Carson’s jokes! and one I got right, was from reading your review – guess I need to watch Himmelskibet. Since I passed, it was indeed a fun quiz.

  3. Chase

    80%! Not too shabby, of course I blanked out on the character’s name from Vagabond Prince. And Colleen Moore’s earliest nickname. But everything else was tucked in my memory from reading all the past reviews.

  4. Birgit

    I suck! Hahahahaaa…I got 30% which means I need to learn more and will by reading your blog. I know you had all of these answers in your blog but I blame menopause and not being able to remember:)

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