The Silent Movie Sandwich Cookbook (written by the readers of Movies Silently)

I promised to deliver this before the new year and I did! Okay, so it was down to the wire but it’s here at last!

I held a sandwich contest this year and asked readers to submit sandwich recipes inspired by silent stars. I knew the recipes and research would be good but I was completely flabbergasted by the care and brilliance poured into these recipes and essays.

I have gathered the finalists together in this free PDF download and I hope you enjoy reading them and preparing these tasty treats.

That being said, I probably will not be holding another cooking contest. I severely underestimated the amount of work involved and my life kind of collapsed mid-contest. (Not because of the contest, of course, but circumstances beyond anyone’s control.) For much of this year, I’ve had trouble keeping my head above water with just daily posts. So, the point is, this cookbook is late and I apologize.

But I do have another cooking-related event coming soon! I felt out the response on Twitter and everyone seemed to like the idea of a silent movie cookalong. I will publish details in January but I already have recipes selected and some glorious giveaways lined up. And, yes, most of these items will be deliverable worldwide, not just to North America. Yay!

Please enjoy the cookbook and be sure to read the mini essays (and especially the fabulous not-so-mini essay on Egyptian cinema).

Click here to download the cookbook as a PDF.


  1. Marie Roget

    It’s wonderful; turned out splendidly!!! Thank you so much! I’ve got to try all the other sandwich/wrap recipes in turn…AND make another DAN in the very near future (I actually have Peameal and LaBatt’s on hand after recent trip to Oh Canada). Just read all the recipes, and every one sounds delicious! The write-ups are superb: thoughtful and insightful. Bravo, fellow sandwich chefs!

    Fervently wishing the head Poobah here a 2017 in which you find yourself healthy, happy, and prosperous, with minimum bumps and potholes in life’s road (in other words, NOT anything remotely like your 2016). Happy New Year’s Eve to all who post and comment at this great site!!!

  2. Linda Luther-Veno

    Wow this is so good! And I learned a lot reading about the tributes! You must not sleep, because everything you do is so interesting and done so well. Your day must have about 36 hours to it!
    This cookbook is quality. Love it!

  3. geelw

    If I read that PDF, my so-called resolution to not eat everything in sight goes down the drain. Ah well, I’m behind in my reading quota, sooooo… *click!*

    1. geelw

      Well, then! I just made a few new friends… and ATE them! I did make one tweak to the Ossi Oswalda by wrapping that brat in one of these guys after cooking:

      I went with the green tea flavor, but a friend popped by to return some movies and borrow more as I was heating up the skillet, so he asked if I could make his extra spicy. Yep, I did have a fresh pack of wasabi flavor handy. He took a bite, his eyeballs caught fire and he rang up his gf who was driving around the block looking for parking to tell her he was going to be bringing her a surprise. So, yeah – one for the road!

  4. jazzfeathers

    Absolutely gorgeous and well worth the wait. Thanks so much for organising the contest and for putting together with cookbook.
    And what is it that you’re brewing up for January? Can’t wait!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      Thank you so much and thanks for participating!

      I’ll go into more details in the announcement but the basic idea is that I will post a small selection of fun silent/classic star recipes and invite readers to cook along with me and share the results. Some wonderful people have agreed to contribute prizes, so a great time will be had by all!

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