Fun Size Review: Zander the Great (1925)

Marion Davies stars in a solid little crowdpleaser about orphans, bandits, the desert and a whole bunch of wabbits. Davies and her adopted kid brother, Zander, evade the orphanage and set out to find his father in the Arizona desert. They find Harrison Ford (the first one!), a bandit and general no-goodnik who seems to be the man they are looking for.

Clearly meant to be a riff on Mary Pickford’s successful orphan-grows-up-and-makes-good formula, Davies brings her charming humor to the picture. The screenplay by Frances Marion and Lillie Hayward is pretty derivative but Davies and Ford manage to mount a charm offensive that saves the picture. Davies’ sly Pickford mimicry is particularly fun.


How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Harrison Ford isn’t the dad but he turns over a new leaf and it looks like Zander may not have a father but he will have a new adopted brother-in-law.

Read my full-length review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: A Faux Cronut. Sure, it owes everything to the original but I certainly would not turn one down if someone offered.

Availability: Alas, this film has never received a proper release and most versions floating around the internet are dupes of a smeary VHS tape. A darn shame. Davies deserves better.


  1. Birgit

    Sorry for not being here…..lots of crappola but I would love to see this film because Marion Davies is much better than just the mistress of WRH. She had great comedic flair and this would be fun to see

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