The Silent Movie Alphabet

There are alphabet books in every flavor, why should silent movies be left out of the fun?

Since I just updated my alphabetical index of reviews, I am insanely organized and ready to share a silent movie for every letter of the English alphabet. There are a lot of GIFs on this page so be patient if your internet connection is spotty. Here goes! (I’ll link to my review of each film for browsing convenience.)

A is for Asphalt


B is for The Bat


C is for Chicago

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D is for The Doll


E is for Ella Cinders


F is for A Fool There Was


G is for The Gold Rush

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H is for Hell’s Hinges


I is for The Indian Tomb


J is for Judex


K is for Kismet

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L is for The Lost World

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M is for Michael Strogoff


N is for The New York Hat

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O is for Onésime vs Onésime


P is for The Prisoner of Zenda

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Q is for Que Viva Mexico!

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R is for The Red Lily


S is for The Sheik


T is for Tarzan of the Apes


U is for The Unknown

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V is for Variety


W is for The Wildcat


X is for The X-Rays

Y is for Young April


Z is for Zander the Great


  1. Birgit

    There is the famous A to Z challenge that happens each year in April. Basically you write a post about anything you like and it has to correspond to the letter of the alphabet for each day. So, April 1st is the letter A, the 2nd is the letter B and so on. Sunday is off…it’s a lot of fun even though it can be time consuming. You just did in one take but would love to know more:) I know you already spoke about these films but it’s always fun and I enjoyed this post.

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