Silent Take: “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” circa 1927

Welcome back! I occasionally make posters for modern films reimagined as silents. This time around, I will be seeing what a certain 1980s comedy classic would look like in the silent era.

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While most people associate the 1920s with flappers, there were plenty of fun-loving boys in the movies too. Charles Farrell and Buddy Rogers have the right look and I’m sure they could be appropriately clueless about their abilities as jazz musicians.

my-best-girl-awfully-dumbFor supporting players, I can see Charley Chase as Rufus, Clyde Cook as Napoleon, Mary Brian as Joan of Arc, Hoot Gibson as Billy the Kid, Theodore Roberts as Socrates, Walter Huston as Abraham Lincoln and Sojin as Genghis Khan. Marceline Day and Dolores Costello will the the historical babes.

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  1. Thomas Williams

    In titling it, though, they might make a nod to Mark Twain and call it, “Two Connecticut Yankees and King Charleston’s Band.”

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