Fun Size Review: The Patsy (1928)

Marion Davies throws herself into this wacky comedy about a young woman who is undeniably second place in her mother’s affections. She responds by acting out and delightful chaos ensues.

While not as sublime as Show People (what is?), The Patsy is a cute collaboration between Davies and director King Vidor. Marie Dressler and Dell Henderson also deserve credit as the heroine’s eccentric parents but it’s Davies show all the way, particularly the climactic scene in which she mimics famous stars of the day. Lillian Gish fans are forewarned: Davies’ impression of your idol is devastating. Deal. (Gish fans are the only ones who seem to get pouty. As a rabid Pola Negri fan, I found Davies’ Pola to be spot-on hilarious.)


How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Davies’ dad finally stands up to his wife and demands that his daughter be treated with respect. Also, Davies gets her man.

If it were a dessert it would be: Violet Meringue Kisses. Light as a feather little trifles with a quirky kick.

Read my full-length review here.

Availability: Released on DVD by Warner Archive.


  1. Marie Roget

    This is one of those films (along with the glorious Show People) that I’ll inevitably queue up to watch when I’m feeling down. Thank you, Marion Davies, for never taking the Hollywood Elite (or any other elites) too seriously!

    You’ve certainly got that in common with all truly great comedians 🙂

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