Fun Size Review: Asphalt (1929)

Underrated German crime drama about a naive traffic cop (Gustav Fröhlich) who falls for a chic jewel thief (Betty Amann). It’s all terribly stylish, with Amann dragging Fröhlich down into the criminal underworld while he tries to drag her back to the side of law and order.

The leads are likable and Amann makes a particularly strong impression as a thief with a melting heart of ice. I also want her wardrobe. Her entire wardrobe. Joe May’s direction is sophisticated without being overly affected and the whole film is highly satisfying.


How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Amann ends up confessing to her crimes in order to save Fröhlich from prison. He promises to wait for her.

If it were a dessert it would be: Carrot Graham Cake. A satisfying and beautiful twist on a classic.

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Availability: Released on DVD by Kino Lorber.


  1. Jim

    I’ve seen Frohlich in two films, Metropolis and in the musical EIn Lied Ein Kuss Ein Madel with Martha Eggerth (she’s not a bad dancer, too), and he pretty much played the same part in both. Does he show anything that might be called range here.

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