Silent Take: “Raiders of the Lost Ark” circa 1925

Silent Take is back! This time, I am recasting the iconic Indiana Jones in the world of silent film.

Indiana Jones was based on the classic cliffhanger serials of the thirties and forties but those serials were in turn based on the exciting offerings of the silent era.

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My choice for Indy is Richard Arlen. You may know him from Wings but Feel My Pulse is what made me want to cast him. My justification:

And for the feisty Marion, who better than the feisty Bebe Daniels, action girl, vamp and comedienne extraordinaire?

As for the supporting cast, I would love to see Noah Beery as Sallah, Edward Everett Horton as Marcus Brody, Lew Cody as Belloq and, finally, Raymond Hatton as the coat hanger-wielding Major Toht. For director, Michael Curtiz has the right flash and flare (not to mention talent for action scenes) to carry the thing off.

You can see more of my Silent Take recasting posters here.


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  1. Michael Kuzmanovski

    Cool. You should do the next two as silents and a 1940s version of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    Have you ever seen The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, now retitled The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones? There’s an episode where Indy ends up in Hollywood writing scripts for a young John Ford.

    1. Movies, Silently

      The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull should probably be redone as a Rocky and Bullwinkle episode. It’s one anyway, except without the fun. 😉

      I saw an episode or two of Young Indiana Jones when it was on but I was always a Star Trek/Star Wars kid so I never got too into it.

  2. Todd Benefiel

    Hey Fritzi, these are cool! I’ve haven’t seen these posts before, so I’ll go check a few others out right now. And what would take the place of the ‘flying wing’ in the Nazi mechanic fistfight scene…a 1917 Curtiss ‘Jenny’? In fact, who would play the towering Nazi mechanic…Jack Earle perhaps?

    1. Movies, Silently

      Thank you!
      Good choice for the mechanic! And there is always the reliably hulking Ernest Torrence.

  3. Constance Rose Metzinger

    Great choice for Indy! I’ve been on an Ind. Jones binge the last few days and have been really wishing the series had been made in the 1940s. My sister and I were watching Terry and the Pirates a few days ago and I couldn’t help but think how Indy was inspired by all those great jungle serials of the 1930s. By the way, you did a great job with that poster!

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