Silent Take: “The Fugitive” circa 1923

I have always felt that The Fugitive was a better movie than series. The 1993 version was a fun popcorn flick starring Harrison Ford. My idea for the silent version is a 1923 popcorn flick starring… Harrison Ford! I couldn’t resist. Can you blame me?

Harrison Ford the first specialized in light comedy and drama. He was also in demand for “best friend of the hero” roles. Aside from his name, Ford was cast because his everyman persona is ideal for playing the falsely accused Dr. Kimball.

For the relentless detective chasing Kimball, I cast Lon Chaney. He was famous for his monsters but was also excellent in authoritarian roles. His powerful acting style would be a perfect counterpoint to Ford.

The famed One-Armed Man is Ernest Torrence, everyone’s favorite hulking brute in silent film. And for Kimball’s best friend, Dr. Nichols, the pleasant Reginald Denny. Plus, Denny’s boxing skills will come in handy at the film’s climax!


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