Silent Take: “Enchanted” circa 1918

After completing posters for the silent Nolan Batman trilogy and working on my designs for James Bond and Indiana Jones, I am a burned out on male-led blockbusters. So, how’s about some girl stuff? Enchanted is, of course, a clever 2007 send-up by Disney about Disney. I have to confess that I am not an enormous fan of Disney films in general but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Enchanted recast as a 1918 silent film
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Marion Davies is Giselle, of course. The role would solve one of the great problems of her career: Davies was a natural comedian but didn’t always get to make them. Well, with Enchanted, she gets to wear the gorgeous dresses and she gets to show off her comedy chops! Everyone wins.

Milton Sills will be Robert. An extremely versatile actor, Sills was great at playing manly men, nerds, swashbucklers and even the occasional villain. Playing a neurotic attorney would be right up his alley. Child star Virginia Lee Corbin his adorable daughter, Morgan.

For the fairy tale end of the film, the statuesque Claire McDowell would be an imposing Queen Narissa. And Lloyd Hughes (who co-starred with Sills in The Sea Hawk) would be ideal as the marzipan prince Giselle thinks she loves.

My pick to direct? King Vidor. He was enormously versatile and he also knew how to display Marion’s comedic talents to best advantage.


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  1. Joe Thompson

    Marion Davies would have been good as Giselle. She would have done the goofiness beautifully. Now who would play Nathaniel, the toady who accompanied Prince Edward? Perhaps Oliver Hardy. I don’t see many recent movies, but would you consider something like My Best Friend’s Wedding?

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