Silent Take: The Princess Bride circa 1928

It’s baaack! Another modern movie re-imagined as a silent. This time, it’s The Princess Bride and it is taking a little trip back to 1928. If you have only seen Mary Astor and William Powell in the talkies, you may be interested to know that in the silents, she was often the dainty princess and he was often a sneering villain. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. did not try his hand at swashbuckling until 1937’s Prisoner of Zenda (Astor was in that one too) but I crave your indulgence because I think he is a perfect Westley.

To direct this off-center fairy tale, who better than Ernst Lubitsch, the undisputed king of off-center fairy tales? Lubitsch was also an actor, though 1920 was his last film appearance. I think that the character of Miracle Max would be enough to coax him back in front of the camera.

What’s your interpretation of The Princess Bride, circa 1928?


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  1. haefennasiel

    At first glance, I thought this was an actual silent film – but then I realized the book was first published in the ’70s. But I loooove this re-interpretation! It’s completely believable and the actors you chose were spot on! =)

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