Silent Movie Time Capsule: Battle of the Bobbed Hair

Ladies! Do you realize that by bobbing your hair you are suggesting that you are a man’s intellectual equal? Gracious! How could such a calamity come upon us? (Fans self) Next thing you know, women will be going to college and becoming doctors and lawyers!

Curse you, barbers!

This 1924 article from Photoplay gives the skinny on the scandalous cutting of a woman’s crowning glory. I particularly enjoyed what the stars had to say about the matter. (If it was really them, that is.)


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  1. Page (@ACaryGrantFan)

    What a fun read! I love all of your old ads, showcasing the different style of Bob cut. I’m a big fan of the old pin curl, finger waves.

    Poor, Gloria! She just did not have the face for that haircut and she wore it until her death so many years later. I think it was her profile that didn’t allow her to carry it. You need a particular type of face for it.

    Have a wonderful an stylish day!

  2. silverscreenings

    My fave: “The constant cutting of the hair weakens the whole scalp structure.”

    I had NO IDEA that bobs caused this kind of commotion! How did mankind ever survive this?

  3. Patti

    The iconic bob hair of the ’20s! It’s been a dream to have a bob hair but my chubby round face hinders me from doing so.>.<

    I love the Coleen Moore cut, used to have that hair when I was a little girl!

  4. geelw

    Hmph. I showed that to MY barber and he laughed at me! Worse, I cut my own hair, so I couldn’t even get mad at myself for laughing. That Marcel looks mighty cute…

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