Theme Month! November 2022: Before They Were Stars

November is almost over but my theme month has been going strong! I am covering the careers of famous stars in silent movies before they hit it big.

One thing I have learned is that star charisma is undeniable but it sometimes closes our eyes to the less-famous-today co-stars. I have enjoyed exploring the work of the fairly forgotten Carmel Myers as I examined the early work of Rudolph Valentino.

I have also discovered that some stars were literally the only things to recommend some of their early films (like Carole Lombard in her early Sennett work). And in other cases, the future stars were the icing on the cake of otherwise excellent pictures (like a briefly visible Richard Barthelmess in the 1916 version of Snow White). It was great fun to see Clara Bow stepping out in one of her first grownup parts, even if the film itself was a bit dull.

The month is winding down but I still have a few surprises in store, so enjoy yourselves!


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