Theme Month! May 2022: International Crime Wave

Well, well, well, June is almost over and I didn’t do my traditional theme month introduction. Shame on me but a lot has been going on here. Oh well, instead of a preview, here is a recap of what we covered this month.

This month was all about crime pictures from around the world but we started in the good old United States with an entry in the Girl Detective series of 1915. With a weekly twenty-plus minute installment released every Tuesday and light continuity, it can be seen as a precursor to a weekly television show.

The Girl Detective is on the case!

The Mystery of the Tea Dansant starred the original Girl Detective, Ruth Roland, but the role would change hands twice before the series ended. The story revolved around a kidnapped heiress by a nefarious dancing master and the plucky heroine’s attempts to save her.

Villainy afoot in “The Trust”

We then headed to France and crime serial legend Louis Feuillade’s The Trust; or, The Battle for Money. This 1911 production was released before the director’s Fantomas or Les Vampires but many elements were in place, including masked villains and a wonderfully elaborate ruse to save a secret formula.

A daring Dutch escape!

Then we went very, very Dutch in the 1917 film The Secret of Delft. Another secret formula was in peril but two generations of top Netherlands leading ladies showed their mettle, escaping via clothesline, waterwheel and, yes, even windmill.

That’s a rather definitive solution…

Finally, we ended up in Denmark with the marital woes of a terrorist. The Anarchist’s Mother-in-Law (1906) portrayed a philandering political dissident who uses his skills to rid himself of his wife’s mother.

Well, that was May! I have some great films scheduled for June. See you there!


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