Final Round! You Choose My Theme Month

Thank you so much for the wonderful response to my semi-final poll. I meant to have a top three but four categories ended up getting the most votes, so rather than eliminate a popular choice, I opted to stick with a top four.

Our top categories are:

Post-1929 Silents: This will include throwback silents with title cards (think The Artist), silents from nations that were a little later to the talkie game and “hidden” silents that may lack title cards but still commit to visual storytelling (think Coyote v Roadrunner).

Trains: Exactly what it says on the tin. Silent movies were absolutely jam packed with rail-based action, so there will be literally dozens of titles to choose from.

British Film: British silents from the dawn of cinema all the way to the start of the talkies. Non-Hitchcock British silents are highly underrated, so giving them affectionate attention is always a fun change of pace.

Part-Talkies and Soundies: In-betweener films that incorporated dialogue and sound effects and pre-recorded music but remained essentially silent. Or sound film experiments from the middle of the silent era. (Think Nursery Favorites from 1913.)

As mentioned last week, WordPress’s built-in polling has capped the number of responses, so I am trying out different polling methods. Feel free to vote in just one or all of them because I want to see which one works the best. I figure extra votes are a nice reward for your assistance here.

Here’s my public Patreon poll.

Here is my Twitter poll:

And here is the poll I made on Free Online Surveys. No login required for this one, so it should be the easiest to use. Never used this one before, so let me know if there are any issues. I like not making people sign in.

Again, feel free to vote in as many of these as you please. I appreciate your feedback and thanks again for all of your wonderful suggestions.


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  1. witness2fashion

    On the post-1929 silents, Japan might be worth exploring. My husband’s big project for several years has been watching Japanese films, so I have encountered a few silents that surprised me.– in a good way. If you go to his Japanonfilm blog, and select the category “silent movies” you’ll find a list of 24 — many from the 1930s. You may even find one or two that are new to you. I love your work!

    On Tue, Apr 13, 2021, 3:35 PM Movies Silently

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