Fun Size Review: Adam’s Rib (1923)

No relation to the Tracy-Hepburn vehicle of the same name but a fun little domestic romp for Cecil B. DeMille nonetheless. Milton Sills and Anna Q. Nilsson deal with her affair while their daughter, Pauline Garon, chases her friendly neighborhood paleontologist (Elliott Dexter), who just wants to put his brontosaurus together.

(Is this a good time to mention that Howard Hawks was DeMille’s assistant and that the dinosaur was not in the original Bringing Up Baby story?)

There’s also a bonus caveman fantasy sequence because, of course there is. All in all, it’s no masterpiece but it’s fun and isn’t that all we ask?

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.
Nilsson sees the error of her ways and returns to her delighted husband. Pauline nearly loses her nerd when he thinks that SHE is the one having the affair but things get sorted out. Love wins all ’round.

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If it were a dessert it would be: Guinness Floats. Variation on a theme. After a few viewings, it beginsh to look real shwell, shee? (hic!)

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