So it turns out that working weekend overtime while recovering from a cold is not such a good idea

I have my review for King of the Wild Horses almost ready to go but I am felled by the neverending cold.

There will be a slight delay with the review posting tomorrow. In the meantime, why not read:

Chaney in The Penalty

The Penalty (1920): I dissect this macabre Lon Chaney crime picture and examine how the film improves on the original novel.

The Forty-First (1927): A dark Soviet romance about a Red Army sniper who falls for a czarist officer. I also cover the sound remake.

The Great White Silence (1925): An extremely deep dive into Captain Scott’s doomed expedition and the motion picture made from real footage from same.

The Bargain (1914): William S. Hart’s first feature and a rootin’ tootin’ western comedy. A delightful romp.

The Devil’s Needle (1916): Norma Talmadge plays a model and junkie in this social picture. If you don’t “get” Talmadge, do check this one out.

Thanks for reading!


  1. David Steere

    I wonder, Fritzi, if there is a perfect silent movie for someone suffering from a cold. Perhaps something with Nell Shipman cuddling animals? Any ideas, anyone? Feel better soon.

    1. Marie Roget

      Nell Shipman sounds good to me!

      Personally, I’d recommend Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang, or pretty much anything made on Roach’s Lot of Fun. Nothing like some laughs to take your mind off your health issues.

      As DeAnna said upthread, I too am (virtually) bringing you an order of the soup I had for lunch: chicken noodle/matzo ball with plenty of schmaltz, straight from Art’s Deli in Studio City. Good for what ails you.

      Prescription from Dr. Roget: less work right now, more R&R. Don’t worry about all of us, we have your myriad excellent reviews to keep us warm 🙂

  2. Laurie Sampson

    I’m sorry you’re ailing– But I’m enjoying your reviews. I have to see The Great White Silence– but not just before I go to bed.

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