Unboxing the Silents: Stage Struck and Manhandled from Kino

I have a pair of much-anticipated Blurays to look at today and both of them star the legendary Gloria Swanson.

As always thanks to Kino Lorber for the review copies.

Following up their stunning release of Swanson’s Zaza last year, Kino has now released DVD and Blurays of Manhandled and Stage Struck, two comedies produced at the height of Swanson’s fame.


I have cropped out the pillarboxes but have not otherwise altered the screencaps.

Stage Struck is a stunner with Technicolor and tinting. Swoon!

(Kisses fingers) Absolutely divine!

Unfortunately, all that survives of Manhandled is 16mm material. These have been transferred in HD and while there is some minor blowout in certain scenes, the film is lovely.


Both films are accompanied by piano scores. Stage Struck‘s score is performed by Andrew Simpson and its commentary is by Frederic Lombardi. Manhandled‘s score is performed by Makia Matsumura and its commentary is by Gaylyn Studlar.


In addition, Stage Struck has a booklet essay by Farran Smith Nehme and Manhandled has one by film historian Peter Labuza.

These releases are absolute gems and provide us with a chance to appreciate Gloria Swanson at the peak of her stardom. Norma Desmond may be a legend but she was built out of the very real cinematic legacy of Swanson.

Availability: Both Manhandled and Stage Struck have been released on DVD and Bluray. Be sure to check your player’s region before ordering if you are located outside of North America.


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  1. Marie Roget

    Something about those eyes, that tilt of the head, and simply the way she walked into any scene- always have been a Swanson fan. Own both these films but boy, these Kinos look tempting!

      1. christinawehner

        Ah, I see. That’s a pretty significant change. Thanks so much! I own Grapevine’s version and am considering updating. I’m so excited to see that Stage Struck as been released, too! It looks gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Crochetcat

    Just watched Stage Struck for the first time – loved Gloria and Ford, but wanted to smack the leading man in the face😏

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