Theme Month! January 2018: Reader Requests

It’s that time again! Every year, I like to hold a month in which I review silent films requested by my readers and this is it.

I love these months because they force me out of my comfort zone and encourage me to review films that I might have otherwise overlooked. I’ve discovered some new favorites and revisited old friends during these events.

While I’m not taking requests for this particular month (my selections were made months ago) I always am happy to hear about films that you hope I will review. And I will be publishing a call for next year’s Reader Request Month in the summer, so even if you missed this go-round I hope you will consider submitting your wishlist then.

This year, the readers have selected a wonderful variety in various decades and genres. You chose it and I am sure you will enjoy it. Thank you!


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  1. maddylovesherclassicfilms

    Can’t wait to see which films you’ve chosen to review. Looking forward to reading your thoughts. Happy New Year to you. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  2. gmatusk

    I do not have a particular title to recommend, but I would like to propose a discussion of 2 of my favorite British film critics, Graham Greene and Leslie Halliwell, and their contention that Laurel & Hardy in both their silent and sound films were greater (and less pretentious) comic artists than Chaplin — Halliwell approvingly quotes Greene as saying “they never wanted to play Hamlet” and that they were poetry in motion.

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