The Final Stretch! (And some more preview images)

My crowdfunding campaign to release the 1917 version of Kidnapped on DVD is entering its final stretch, just a few hours to go. To celebrate, I’m going to share a few more preview images.

Kidnapped will be released along with the four short films that originally accompanied it. The Conquest series was released under the Edison brand but was a brainchild of George Kleine, who advocated films as a means of education and who guaranteed that his product was “censor proof!”

So, there will be no hanky-panky in THESE pictures! I know family films these days can be sloppy, twee or both but Kleine’s stuff was high quality and he really did offer a fascinating selection of shorts to accompany the features. This is basically 1910s PBS: educational, entertaining and polished. I’ve viewed 90% of the DVD’s material and can vouch for it. (And you KNOW how picky I am.)

As promised, here are some more tidbits to whet your appetite. This time around, let’s focus on the educational material. Here are some images from Quaint Provincetown, Cape Cod.

The mustache game is strong with this gentleman.
A nice shot of the famed nautical cat.

And from Microscopic Pond Life:

An amoeba before it grows to ginormous size, heads to space and eats a Vulcan ship and the Enterprise.
Scary music! Scary music!

Here’s the project preview video, if you haven’t had a chance to view it yet.

As of this writing, 300 people have contributed and I am so very grateful for the support. Those of you who didn’t donate but still shared the link with friends and family are also a big part of the campaign’s success and I truly appreciate the help.


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  1. geelw

    Will there be a chance post-campaign for some of late-birds to chirp up some funds? between my laptop dying and a bunch of medical-related stuff, I’ve been poorer than usual, but this seems like a grand way to introduce silents to a few friends on an otherwise quiet weekend. 😀

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