News from the Silent Movie Front: Crowdfunding, Ballet and Books

Most of the news this time around is about the site, so maybe this is false advertising. But I do really have ballet, so don’t run away!

I’m Funded!

My Kickstarter project funded in less than 24 hours and I know many of you lovely readers are responsible for that, so thank you! You can still donate and receive a copy of the awesome DVD and I have added the stretch goal of including a booklet. (Oooo, fancy!)

Learn more and contribute here.

The Wind as a Ballet!

The Royal Opera is putting on a ballet based on The Wind. It’s choreographed by Arthur Pita and opened in London just a few days ago. The video is of a rehearsal but it does give you a sample of what’s what.

You can read my review of The Wind (1928) here and my debunking of the “original tragic ending” myth here.


For some time, I had a notice on my contact page asking not to be sent books. My reason for this was simple: some publishers had aggressive marketing departments and I was getting spammed with requests to cover books that had nothing to do with silent movies. I know that publishing is hard but it was getting ridiculous. So, I limited my coverage to giveaways, book-of-the-week picks and links for friends.

Since then, a few people have asked me about it and so I have decided to restore limited book coverage. If a book has something to do with silent films, I will be posting information in these news pieces. These won’t be reviews, just “Hey, look at what’s available now!” blurbs. I hope everyone enjoys them!


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