Theme Month! May 2017: The Lot of Fun

I am psyched about this month’s theme! I’ll be covering comedies from Hal Roach, my favorite studio for all things silly.

Hal Roach comedies are beloved tradition among my kith and kin. Our Gang (aka The Little Rascals), Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase and all the others are pretty much extended family. However, my HR viewing has been pretty talkie-centric and so I am looking forward to diving deeper into the silent side of things.

I have already reviewed a few Roach comedies and I will list them here as an appetizer:

Double Whoopee (1929): Laurel and Hardy are hapless hotel employees who help Jean Harlow out of her car– and her dress!

The Haunted Spooks (1920): Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis are newlyweds who are targeted with a ghostly hoax.

Mighty Like a Moose (1927): Charley Chase and Vivien Oakland play a homely couple who get plastic surgery on the sly.

Slipping Wives (1927): Laurel and Hardy (before they were Laurel and Hardy) are involved in a scheme to make a neglectful husband jealous.

Two-Gun Gussie (1918): Harold Lloyd plays a rube mistaken for a notorious gunslinger.

Look for more reviews throughout the month!


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  1. Dulcy Freeman

    Perhaps a vigorous nod in Katherine Grant’s direction…? I think she’s an underappreciated knock-about comedienne as well as a great foil for Charley Chase.

      1. Marie Roget

        Just watched the Our Gang short Derby Day, which hadn’t seen for quite a while. The littlest ladies working at the Lot of Fun need some kudos too, namely cutie pie (and Mickey Daniels “love interest”) Mary Kornman!

  2. Agnes McFadden

    Yes, Katherine Grant was fantastic.
    And please review a few Martha Sleeper flicks.
    She is amazing(& often woefully underappreciated).
    Review her in “Pass the Gravy” – one if the funniest shorts of all time.It stars the wonderful Max Davidson…..please review some of his(some out on DVD from Germany). He somewhat plays the same befuddled Jewish father in everything, but he does it so well!

    Also, as for funny ladies, Anita Garvin is so amazing.

    And of course, all the Harold Lloyd shorts as well as the first couple features are Roach.

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