Fun Size Review: Young April (1926)

A rare chance to see father-son acting dynamos Rudolph and Joseph Schildkraut share the screen in a Hollywood production. Joseph plays a wastrel prince while Rudolph plays his equally dissolute father, the king of a small kingdom in Central Europe.

Bessie Love is an American orphan who finds out she’s royalty and it’s all splendid until Joseph falls for her, assumes that she’s a commoner and abdicates to be with her. Oops. Chaos and a coup d’etat ensue but director Donald Crisp keeps things light throughout and both Bessie and the Schildkrauts are just as cute as can be. All in all, a fin and fresh take on the popular Ruritanian romance.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

The Schildkrauts are ousted but both realize that they don’t want to be monarchs anyway! Joseph rescues Bessie from marriage to the new king and they fly off into obscurity, which is just what they wanted.

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If it were a dessert it would be: A Pinata Cake. You think you know what to expect in a classic but there are a few surprises inside.

Availability: Released on DVD by Grapevine. There’s also a cheapo version from Alpha but with Alpha, there is usually a safe rule of thumb: if there’s any other edition available, get it. (Alpha releases usually have terrible prefab scores and are sometimes missing random scenes and title cards.)