The Readers have Spoken! The Ultimate Silent Movie Crushes are…

We’ve been having a crush-tastic few months here at Movies Silently. First, everyone named their top silent movie crushes, then I asked everyone to vote on the top 4 in the ladies and gents division. Well, the results are in and we’re ready to crown our crush king and queen.

First, I should tell you that the vote was close. All the crushes stayed within just a few points of one another. So even if your top choice didn’t win, remember that it was really anybody’s game until the end.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

Ladies Division


Clara Bow was voted top crush among the ladies. She was followed by Louise Brooks, Marion Davies and Anna May Wong.

Gents Division


Ramon Novarro was voted top crush among the gents, followed by Rudolph Valentino, Conrad Veidt and Richard Barthelmess.

It’s a shame our top crushes never made a movie together. But then again, the screen may not have been able to stand the heat.

Thanks so much for voting and may you dream of your crush.


  1. Bobbie Belvel

    So glad to hear my Ramon won first place among the men! He had a talent and allure that was unique and I’m glad many others feel the same. His performances in Scaramouche and Ben-Hur stand out for me. He strongly deserves a place among other standouts such as Valentino and Gilbert.

  2. Gloria Naldi

    We should have another one of those things you did awhile back where you have $15 and pick actors ,directors, etc. based on what you can afford and come up with a storyline, but we should use the winners of this survey!

  3. Ross

    Hold the presses, new crush: Parashya in “House on Trubnaya Street” Such a sweet gal, but not lacking in true grit. Her duck, despite disappearing without explanation, is a bonus, too.

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