Unboxing the Silents: 3 Bad Men on Bluray

John Ford’s final western comes to Bluray and we’re going to be taking a look at it! Saddle up, pardners.

(As always, thanks to Kino Lorber for the review copy!)


This is a Region A Bluray, which means you will need a special player if you live outside the US or Canada.

This film was previously released on DVD as a double feature with Hangman’s House and as part of the Ford at Fox Collection: John Ford’s Silent Epics DVD set. The film presented on Bluray has the same pleasant western-tinged piano-guitar-fiddle score (by Dana Kaproff) as previous editions. (I do wish more silent westerns would make use of fiddle and guitar in their scores, it sets the tone beautifully.)

The image quality is nice. There are still some scratches and other expected flaws that are found in most films of this age but it looks quite good on Blu.

Extras: The film comes with a trailer for The Hurricane but the main selling point is an audio commentary by Joseph McBride, author of Searching for John Ford.

The commentary is excellent, a nice combination of technical film details, background information, quotes from interviews with the film’s personnel and a touch of gossip, while still keeping up with the action on the scene. I have mixed feelings about commentary tracks in general but this one definitely adds value to the release. I recommend listening to it with the film at least once.

Availability: 3 Bad Men is available for order on Bluray. If you already own the DVDs, the image quality and excellent commentary make this a worthy upgrade.


  1. T.M. Rezzek

    (Peter Bogdanovitch interviewing John Ford):

    BOGDANOVITCH: Mr. Ford, how did you shoot the land rush in ‘Three Bad Men?’

    FORD: With a CAMERA!

    I love Ford…And that quote makes me want to see ‘Three Bad Men’ because I know it won’t be pretentious artistry; rather, I think it’ll be a good, solid western for its time.

    I HAVE seen ‘Hangman’s House’ and was impressed–it’s a great, Irish ‘dark-night-of-the-soul’ with lots of fog and shadows. Plus, a young John Wayne busts down a fence during the horse race!

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