Fun Size Review: Hotel Imperial (1927)

Pola Negri is a chambermaid behind enemy lines during the First World War. She uses her position to aid a dashing Austrian officer in his efforts to thwart the dastardly Russians. Very strange reversal of the propaganda tropes established during the war, this movie is really done in by blandly written characters. However, Negri manages a few spectacular scenes. Could we expect any less of her?

(PS, the script for this film is said to be… cursed. As in making a movie based on it will bring about certain unpleasant accidents and/or deaths.)


How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

The dashing officer thwarts those Russians, escapes with Negri’s help and then returns in triumph to ask for her hand in marriage. Everyone seems to forget that Austria-Hungary was on the losing side of the Great War.

If it were a dessert it would be: Ginger Rice Pudding. Mostly bland but there is an occasional kick to keep things interesting.

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Availability: Released on DVD.


  1. nitrateglow

    Yeah, this one has its moments and it is beautiful to look at, but the plot and characters are quite bland and even old-fashioned for 1927.

    Speaking of WWI-related silent films, do you think The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is as “pacifistic” as people claim?

    1. Fritzi Kramer

      It’s been a while but I recall it being rather inconsistent on that score. You know, war making a “man” of the protagonist but then they remembered at the last minute that War is Bad and kill him. It’s kind of like Intolerance. War is Bad unless Elmo Lincoln is decapitating and Constance Talmadge is shooting arrows, in which case it’s awesome!

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