Silent Take: “24” circa 1927

I have branched into television! Action show 24 reimagined as a 1927 serial.

I must ask for more indulgence than usual with this poster. It is highly unlikely that top-tier actors would consent to appear in a serial. This is make-believe so I hope you forgive me. Rugged Milton Sills is just so perfect for the part! The bad guys won’t stand a chance and, best of all, he can act!

Oh, and obviously this poster is for the first season of the show.

I borrowed artwork from another Sills film and I changed the name of the series. Silent serials tended to be called either Someone of Something or Something of Someone. Scotty of the Scouts, Queen of the Northwoods, Perils of Pauline, Exploits of Elaine, etc. etc. etc.


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  1. Joe Thompson

    Another great Silent Take. Perfect main image. Back in the days of the alt.movies.serials group there was an extended discussion where people claimed that Jack Bauer was the grandson of Jack Holt in the talkie serial Holt of the Secret Service.

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