Unboxing the Silents: French Masterworks | Russian Emigres in Paris 1923-1928

This is an overview of the box set itself. I will be reviewing the films in the set individually at a later date.

What is it?: A box set of five film created by talented Russians who fled the revolution and settled in France. It features three films that star Ivan Mosjoukine, who was enormously popular in Europe and whose French work has never before been widely available to US audiences. (Mosjoukine’s first and only American film, Surrender, was not really the best showcase for his talents.)

Who released it? Flicker Alley

The Films:

Le Brasier Ardent (The Burning Crucible), 1923

Kean, 1923

Feu Mathias Pascal (The Late Mathias Pascal), 1925

Gribiche, 1925

Les Nouveaux Messieurs, 1928

Packaging: The discs are held in a plastic multi-disc case inside a cardboard slipcover. The set also includes a 28-page color booklet detailing the films and featuring vintage stills and marketing materials. I should note that the discs were loose in their case when they arrived but they were not scratched.

Navigation: Each disc has a simple, easy-to-navigate menu. Nothing fancy (thank goodness!) just functionality.

french masterworks (3)

Music: Each film is scored by a different accompanist. The Burning Crucible by Neil Brand, Kean by Robert Israel, The Late Mathias Pascal by Timothy Brock, Gribiche by The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra and The New Gentlemen by Antonio Coppola.

french masterworks (2)
french masterworks (1)

Notes: The films are presented with original French intertitles and optional English subtitles.

This box set contains films that have been on the wishlists of movie buffs for some time. I am looking forward to reviewing them.

Availability: Currently available on DVD.


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