Theme Month! May 2023: Nasty Women

Welcome to May and a brand new theme month! This time, I am going to be covering Nasty Women of the silent era.

The new set released by Kino, Cinema’s First Nasty Women, is easily one of the most interesting collections to come along in quite a stretch and I decided that I didn’t just want to unbox it, I wanted to dive right in! So, this month, I will be reviewing selected titles found in the set.

(Disclosure, I received a review copy from Kino.)

To whet your appetite, I have already reviewed Daisy Doodad’s Dial (1914), directed by and starring Florence Turner and easily the best comedy you’ve never heard of.

So, get ready for rebellion and chaos, we are going to have an absolute blast!


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  1. jeffoconnell

    Hey, Fritzi, two of the curators of the Nasty Women box set, Maggie Hennefeld (University of Minnesota) and Elif Rongen Kaynaçki (EYE Filmmuseum), are guest stars for today’s May 7 edition of Ben Model’s weekly Sunday Silent Comedy Watch Party on YouTube. 🙂

    Episode 92:

    A Nervous Kitchen Maid (1907)
    Zoe And The Miraculous Umbrella (1913)
    Leontine, The Troublemaker (1911)
    The Dairymaid’s Revenge (1899)
    Patoulliard Has A Jealous Wife (1912)
    Daisy Doodad’s Dial (1914)

    You probably know where Ben Model’s YT channel is…

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