Giveaway: Kino Lorber Blurays

I haven’t hosted a giveaway in ages but Kino Lorber was kind enough to provide some quality silent films on disc. I have quite a few to hand out, so I have split the giveaway into multiple parts. More chances to win is always a good thing, right?

Here are the discs in this round:

The Epic of Everest: real footage of the tragic Mallory attempt to summit the peak.

Sherlock Holmes: The John Barrymore version featuring a very early appearance by William Powell!

Peter Pan: The beloved classic with authorial approval and stunning visuals and an exciting cast.

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Leave a comment saying why you want to win these movies. Please state the titles you want or just say you want them all.
  2. I will draw randomly for each disc on November 19, 2022 and contact you if you have won.
  3. If the winner does not claim their prize in one week, I will draw a runner-up.

This drawing is open for U.S. addresses only. Void where prohibited. All discs will ship via USPS.

I think that’s everything! Thank you, Kino Lorber, for sponsoring the fun!


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  1. Chuck Pickerill

    I have not seen any of these films so I would be ecstatic to win any of them. Sherlock Holmes is my most desired of the three, but I would be thrilled to win any of them!

  2. TD

    I would love to win Peter Pan or Sherlock Holmes! I haven’t seen either of these adaptations yet — Peter Pan in particular is a formative story for me, but I’m also a big William Powell fan 🙂

  3. kenchellenberg

    Thanks for offering these. I would love to own a copy of Sherlock Holmes I like John Barrymore quite a bit and I’ve never seen this version of Sherlock Holmes.

  4. Caroline Stenson

    Hello, I only recently started getting into silent film when I saw The Witch by Georges Méliès. I was genuinely blown away, and obviously giveaways are a bit shameless as an entrant but I would love Peter Pan as you describe the visuals as stunning and that has been my favorite part of watching silent films so far. I would also be interested in the Epic of Everest, if Peter Pan is taken. Thank you, and I love your work! I genuinely would not be as excited about silent film without your talking about it so positively. -Caroline

  5. Ken Schellenberg

    Thanks for offering this. I would very much like a copy of Sherlock Holmes if it’s still available I’ve never seen this version and I like John Barrymore quite a bit so I’m sure I would like this.
    Forgive me if there are duplicates I’m having trouble posting this.

  6. Benny Zelkowicz

    Peter Pan looks amazing- fantasy of the era is so delightful (Faust knocks my eyes out). Been hearing about this version for a long time but haven’t ever seen it. Very curious about Holmes too!

  7. Pete Bainbridge

    The only title of these I have not seen is the John Barrymore. I have long admired his acting and I’ve loved Sherlock Holmes since I was a boy.

  8. Melody Fohr

    I know nothing about silent movies except what I’ve learned following you, and would be grateful for anything to learn more. Thank you so much for all the education you’ve given me so far, and for doing this giveaway.

  9. Frump

    I’d love to have the Sherlock Holmes disc because I love mystery films but somehow I’ve never seen a single Holmes movie. Seems like a good place to start!

  10. jodinidan

    Peter Pan because I’ve seen clips, but never that version in its entirety. Would be beat to show my gf to because she’s a big Peter Pan fan and I don’t think she’s seen that version.

  11. Betsy McLane

    This is great! I very much need EPIC OF EVEREST since I discuss silent exploration films in the Third Edition of my book A NEW HISTORY OF DOCUMENTARY FILM-due out January 26, 2023 from Bloomsbury.

  12. Alanna

    I would be interested in all three of these films – Everest, Sherlock Holmes, & Peter Pan. I have been a silent film fan for a few years, but haven’t seen any of these. I love the Sherlock Holmes stories & Peter Pan. The Mallory Everest expedition is so interesting; when Mallory’s body was discovered a few years ago, the team was surprised that Mallory’s group could have made it so far with their wool clothes & rudimentary equipment.

  13. Connor

    I’m interested in all, but particularly the Everest one. Those early extreme weather documentaries are absolutely fascinating. Came to mind again after listening to the most recent You’re Wrong About episode about the 1972 Uruguayan Air Force crash in the Andes.

  14. czechpointcharlie

    I’m replying here, because the other wanted me to log in to something I’ve never registered for, and, well, it just felt weird.

    So, briefly, ….

    I’d love the Everest (1) because I’ve been there (in 1973, up the side of Pumori, directly opposite, arduous as hell, but it afforded an astonishing view of the mountain and its sheer massivity. Went to a black rock outcropping called Kala Patar (means black rock, of course) that is high enough that it reveals the mountain from the summit down below the Lhotse Shar ridge to about a third the way down the Western Cwm. And (2) because when I went to see this film in Pordenone I fell asleep and … slept through it (sad to say, not a rarity as I age and age and age; decrepitude cannot be far distant).

    I’d love the Holmes because I have the Gillette, and would love to hear what John and George have to say to each other (mutely, of course, though with grandiloquent gestures galore).

    And I’d love the Peter Pan because — how is this possible? — I’ve never seen it !! Or at least that’s what my database says. Well, that and because various women in my life have accused me of never growing up; but mostly because a wonderful child once christened me “Charlie in the Faraway”.

    thanks for the generosity of the offer — not to mention the generosity of your time and passion. charlie cockey

  15. Gil Lamont

    Let me see… Sherlock Holmes and Peter Pan fly to Everest to save the lost Mallory boys… I would love to have any part of that triple feature. Thank you for your consideration.

  16. Joseph Labuda

    I already have Sherlock Holmes and Peter Pan (both are my favorites). I always wanted to get The Epic of Everest ever since I heard about it. I am hoping to win the Everest disk.

  17. Alex Krebs

    I would LOVE to win “Peter Pan” – I had the opportunity to see this with live accompaniment in Rochester, NY years ago and would be ecstatic to add it to my collection! Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. Caroline

    Reposting my comment from Twitter 🙂

    Big fan of the Holmes stories since I was a kid, and I loved Barrymore in 20th Century (1934) so I’m most interested in seeing that one.

    I’m a film historian though and have started collecting movies on blu-ray so I’d also be interested in winning any of them!

  19. David Jones

    I would like to enter for all three discs. The last couple years I have been giving myself an education on the history of silent cinema, reading whatever I can find, watching whatever I can find, at my own pace. Your site and recommendations have fueled my passion immensely. I have not seen any of these three films but would love to see a documentary feature from the silent era, a John Barrymore film, and a silent Peter Pan.

  20. David Crawford Jones

    My other comment might have been deleted…Anyway, yes I’d be interested in any of these three films. I have not seen any of them, and over the last couple of years silent cinema has become my new passion. I’ve been reading as much as I can and watching as much as I can and learning so much from your blog and enjoying your enthusiasm for silent movies. The Everest one would be really cool as I don’t have many silent documentaries. I don’t have any John Barrymore films and I’ve heard about the silent Peter Pan but never seen it. Would love all three! Thanks.

  21. Jeff Molnar

    I enjoyed the early 30’s Sherlock Holmes films especially with his greatest rival, Moriarity! The ’22 Barrymore would be my choice to win. He always seemed to have an element of comedy in his acting. Loved his 1930 version of Moby Dick and Svengali 1931. Thanks for considering my bad for the dvd prize. #Jeff Molnar# 📽️

  22. Steven R

    I am not entering this contest, as I won one last time. Hope you winners enjoy them – I have two of these already, so you certainly should!

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