Fun Size Review: Lady of the Night (1925)

Any star worth their salt had a dual role under their belt and Norma Shearer was no exception, playing both the sweetheart good girl and the lady of the night in this drama.

As a showcase for Shearer’s range, the picture succeeds brilliantly. As a film in its own right, things get a bit more spotty. The plot is riddled with clichés and you can see every plot twist approximately three miles away. Still, essential for Shearer fans.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Bad Norma nobly gives up the man of her dreams so that Good Norma can be happy.

Read my full-length review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: Meringue Brownie. Double trouble and maybe too much?

Availability: Released on DVD by Warner Archive.


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  1. Ahmed Yar

    As a Norma Shearer fan, this is my favourite (and her best) of her silent films (A Lady Of Chance comes second close, an entertaining little late-silent film, and great fun with Lowell Sherman). Of course it isn’t Stella Maris (my absolute favourite “dual role” film) but still a decent and entertaining little one.

  2. Ahmed Yar

    Btw,i remember there was something bothered me when i watched it.”Bad” Norma ‘molly’ wears only one outfit the whole film (I don’t know if she did wear another, if she did, they seemed the same). I wish MGM did something. As a “lavish costumes films” fan, that bothered me. They could’ve featured wild lavish costumes (or at least any different costumes) with Molly but… What a wasted chance. However, Norma enjoyed those great lavish costumes later years… with Adrian (A Free Soul and Marie Antoinette come to my mind).

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