Fun Size Review: Her Night of Romance (1924)

Constance Talmadge is an heiress who means to evade fortune hunters. Ronald Colman is a penniless aristocrat in need of a rich marriage. I think we all know where there is going. They end up having to fake a marriage because reasons. Now we really know where this is going.

Colman is charming enough, Talmadge mugs a bit but does all right. A romantic comedy by the numbers.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.

Prepare for a shock but those crazy kids get together.

Read my full-length review here.

If it were a dessert it would be: Meringue Cookies. Light, sweet, not terribly memorable.

Availability: Released on DVD as part of the now out-of-print Constance Talmadge Collection from Kino.


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