Help Wanted! You Choose My Reviews

Every year, I enjoy hosting a month of reader requested reviews and it’s time for you to make your choices known once again.

These events are always enjoyable because they give me fresh ideas, help me think outside the box and they let me know which movies you’re eager to see covered.

Here’s how it works:

  • Leave a comment and request any silent movie you like, either made during the era or modern. Be sure to specify which version if there’s more than one!
  • You can request more than one film and feel free to second anyone else’s choices as this will tell me which titles are popular.
  • Obviously, I won’t be able to cover lost films or movies that are unavailable to the general public.

That’s it! I will read over the requests, choose four or five and review the films in January of 2021. I usually try to strike a balance between popular pictures with big stars and more obscure fare.

Thanks so much for your help! I look forward to reading your requests.


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  1. Claudius Reich

    Exit Smiling (1926) — Beatrice Lillie in her only silent, with Jack Pickford. Love to hear your take on it.

    (Also, why _not_ a month of reviewing lost films, at some point? Could be a fun project.)

  2. bP

    You get a chance to check out those Lon Chaney films I sent you back pre-pandemic? Would love to see a review on “While the City Sleeps” at the very least.

  3. Nick Esposito

    Sorry — replied to the tweet instead of here, because … um, the pandemic.

    DeMille, “The King of Kings” (either the Grauman’s premiere 155-minute version, or the 1928 general-release one).

    Love me a good Technicolor Jesus movie with a party-girl Mary Magdalene!

    Was this DeMille’s first use of Technicolor?

  4. Amanda K LeBlanc

    I’d love to see your review of the Red Kimono by Dorothy Davenport. Or any of her socially-conscious pictures!

  5. walterstricia

    Hi, Fritzi! I have four suggestions. I’m not sure about the availability of a couple of them, but if you were to choose any one, I’d love to read your assessment of it! My suggestions are: SENORITA (1927); J’ACCUSE (1919); A WOMAN OF PARIS (1923); OUR HOSPITALITY (1923). Okay, make that five, since I’ll add HE WHO GETS SLAPPED (1924), just to ask if you, as I did, suspect that Chaplin watched that film just before he came up with the idea for THE CIRCUS (1928). (Oooo…there’s yet another one!) Thanks for all the great info you provide.

  6. Seth

    1) Underworld (1927, von Sternberg)
    2) A Garbo silent or two from the TCM collection: I’d prefer The Temptress because it’s less well known than Flesh and the Devil, but I’d love to hear your take on any of the three (the third being The Mysterious Lady).
    3) An Abel Gance film: either Napoleon or La Roue. I saw the former 20 years ago on a big screen with a nice print and it was one of my favorite film watching experiences. I saw the latter a few months ago at home and found it a bit hard to get through (though I could see why it was important/influential and loved certain scenes/moments).

    1. Seth

      I just looked at your review of The Last Command and saw you’re not a big von Sternberg fan. I’d still love to see you review Underworld, but I’ve been watching the evolution of the gangster genre during quarantine and so I’d be happy with a different gangster film from the same period if you know of one you think would be more interesting.
      Thanks and I love your site!

  7. Keith S.

    How about The Docks of New York? This is the film I regularly recommend to those not familiar with silents.

  8. Steve S

    The Love Expert with Constance Talmadge.
    For a 2- reeler, Pass the Gravy with Max Davidson, and Martha Sleeper.
    Anything with Wanda Wiley.

  9. Shawn H

    I love your reviews and tweets about Tsuru Aoki and Sessue Hayakawa’s films and careers and would love to hear your opinion on Japanese silent films like “Page of Madness” or any of Mikio Naruse’s silent films.

  10. Crochet Cat

    I’ll second Exit Smiling. Or possibly a theme – stars in roles outside of their usual persona (William S Hart in The Captive God).

  11. Judith

    Not a feature film, but … I’d love it if you could devote some space to Felix the Cat and/or other silent cartoons. A lot of folks don’t even know there were any cartoons pre-Mickey (except for maybe Gertie the Dinosaur). And silent Felix was great — always willing to lend a helping hand even while being constantly on the look-out for eats & a place to sleep.

  12. Jennifer

    I’ll second (or third) the requests for “Docks of New York” or “Underworld.” May I add in “The Love of Jeanne Ney”?

  13. Clara West

    As you have Constance Talmadge, Brooklyn born, photo up The Duchess of Buffalo has always been a favorite of mine. With a touch of Screwball to come about it. Would only do 3 more films before ending career. Hope this film makes it to your review list.

  14. omarrasidagic

    Hi! I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Griffith’s 1911 film “The Lonedale Operator” with Blanche Sweet and Lionel Barrymore, and it’s remake from a year later in 1912, “The Girl and Her Trust” starring Dorthy Bernard. There’s been endless debate about which is better. The first time I watched “Lonedale Operator” I was genuinely captivated by it and on the edge of my seat. Both are available on YouTube with good scores. Thank you!!

  15. Emily Evans

    I would love for you to review Reginald Denny’s hilarious film What Happened to Jones? (1926)!! I feel like a lot of people would really enjoy this film (and Mr. Denny!)!

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