Where in the World Are You? Readers Share Their Locations

Well, I asked and you answered and now I am going to share the results with you. Where in the world are the readers located?

I am based in California, so the top continent came as no surprise. Websites tend to have the most readers from their own location and so…

North America won with a whopping 82% of the vote!

Europe came in second with 14%

Australia/Oceania represented with 2%

And the rest of the world was in fractions of a percent. (Sorry is this doesn’t come to 100 or goes over. The poll function does round things oddly.)

0.2% are in Africa

0.4% are in Antarctica. I suspect you’re lying to make me feel better knowing my love of Antarctic research but if you are telling the truth, hello!

0.4% are in Asia

0.8% are in South America

0.2% are in Island Nations

So, thanks so much for responding! I hope everyone had fun and remember, I absolutely love my international readers and am thrilled to have you along. Happy silent movie viewing!


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  1. Ross

    I didn’t cheat and say I was in Antarctica, but I’m far closer to it than you are. In fact in one of the two traditional casting off places for the expeditions of the age of adventure: Australia. The other being New Zealand of course.

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