Fun Size Review: Back to God’s Country (1919)

Nell Shipman is a woodlands lass who must battle a rather determined stalker who is obsessed with her. Nell fights back with wilderness wiles, assorted firearms and a dog named Wapi. (And behind the camera, she was responsible for much of the film’s tone and content.)

Wellington Playter plays the stalker, a villain so nasty that his first act is to murder a Mountie, and Wheeler Oakman is on hand as Nell’s loyal-but-useless husband. This film is also famous for advertising Miss Shipman in the altogether. (“Is the Nude Rude?”) Clothed or not, Shipman thoroughly steals the show.

How does it end? Hover or tap below for a spoiler.
Nell has Wapi eat Wellington. That’ll learn him.

Read my full-length review here. I also chronicle Shipman’s battles for creative control.

If it were a dessert it would be: Fried Cherry Pies. Outdoorsy and old-fashioned but always popular.

Availability: Released on DVD and Bluray as part of the Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers box set and as a double feature on DVD by Milestone.


  1. David Welling

    Thanks for the review. Great film, however I would dearly love to see the version featuring Renee Adoree in the latter twenties. I’m curious how it compares.

  2. David Welling

    I have a lovely original still of this in my collection. Renee Adoree is kneeling in the snow alongside the dog. According to the LoC database, there is a complete 16mm print at UCLA.

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